Iran says Israel will regret Syria airstrike


Photo Credit: erjkprunczyk Creative Commons

DAMASCUS, Syria (OfficialWire) — A top Iranian official visiting Damascus said Monday that Israel will regret its “latest aggression” on Syria and urged the entire Muslim world to be ready to defend the Syrian people.

Israel has all but confirmed it was behind the airstrike near Damascus last week. U.S. officials said the Israelis struck a military research center and a convoy next to it carrying anti-aircraft weapons destined for the Islamic militant group Hezbollah in neighboring Lebanon.

“Just as it regretted its aggressions after the 33-day, 22-day and eight-day wars, today the Zionist entity will regret the aggression it launched against Syria,” Saeed Jalili, the head of Iran’s National Security Council, told a news conference in Damascus. He was referring to past wars between Israel and Hezbollah or the Palestinian Hamas rulers of Gaza.

Syria said has vowed to retaliate for the airstrike.

Iran is Syria’s closest regional ally and Jalili used his 3-day visit to pledge Tehran’s continued support for the President Bashar Assad’s regime.

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Photo Credit: erjkprunczyk (Creative Commons)


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