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Iran Blinked


Last Thursday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad announced the Islamic Republic was ready to renew nuclear talks with members of the UN Security council; United States, Russia, China, France and Britain, and Germany. Most likely the action was the result of the oil Embargo placed on the Islamic Nation and pressure placed on the Iranian leadership by the Russians.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told the Iranian press “Russia wants a quick renewal of talks between the international community and Iran on the country’s nuclear program and supports holding the meetings in Turkey [without preconditions].”


President Ahmadinejad publicly admitted the economic sanctions placed on the country’s central bank and oil production has created hardship for the Iranian people. Oil sales account for 80% of export revenue. Since the embargo Iranians have be dumping rials (their own currency) for gold or foreign currency, fearing that their money would become worthless. This currency crisis contradicts the regimes rhetoric that an embargo would have little effect. The lack of faith of the Iranian people in the regime has to make it nervous about creating an environment similar to the one that brought about the uprisings in Egypt and Libya last year.

Nuclear Program

The Iranian President stands firm that the sanctions will not discourage the regime from going forward with its nuclear program. Despite Iran’s insistence that it only exists for peaceful purposes, Western Intelligence agencies and the UN believe they have to be performing weapons test in secret. The Iranians have offered to allow the UN Agency full supervision of its nuclear program if the West agrees to lift the sanctions against them. However, the Iranian President insists that the Islamic Republic has the right to enrich uranium.

Speculation among Western Diplomats is that the offer was nothing more than an effort to buy time to enrich more uranium and hide any evidence of weapon development. So far, there has been no official request for talks form the Iranians, right now it is just talk. Perhaps the Persian Napoleon is waiting for his letter from Obama asking him to come to Turkey for talks.

By Jim Emerson, Coach Is Right


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