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In Public Schools, Easter Eggs are now “Spring Spheres”


by Suzanne Eovaldi


In a fit of political correctness, a Seattle school now has renamed Easter eggs as “Spring Spheres.” Candy canes sporting the red color of Christ’s blood and the green of the Christian Christmas tress have all but been banned from our schools. As I stood to hear the Palm Sunday sermon in church last week — an account of Our Lord’s Passion and death on the Cross — I grew increasingly angry and hurt. How dare they? How dare they take away our Christmas and Easter holidays?

The world could not fathom the fact that this 75-year-old was allowed to sing Christmas carols in my grade school. Just this week, my daughter called and after two very long phone calls from her in one week, she said at the end, “Mom, I’m afraid.”   She and her husband are rearing four boys at home and have another away at the Illinois university I attended.

How dare our Liberal-in-Chief order Georgetown, a putatively Roman Catholic university, to cover its crucifix before he would deign to speak for them? How dare his pastor of 20 years call out from his own pulpit to damn America in the most blasphemous of oaths? How dare Michelle Obama tell a campaign audience she had never been proud of America until Barack was about to be nominated for president?

Just think of how they insulted our veterans, let alone us! Think of our Revolutionary War fighters, American patriots that my English class could not even identify because their public school teachers had never told them about the sacrifices these Yankees made. It is now doubtful those students could tell us anything about our Civil War vets, Korean vets, Vietnam vets, Gulf War Iraq War vets. They won’t know the first thing about the dangers our soldiers are being put in as they work to lend a hand at crippled and compromised Japanese nuclear plants.

What about the top military doctor Terry Lakin languishing in a military brig because he is uncertain about his deployment orders? Just what is going on, America?

After I came home on Palm Sunday, I thought of all of the school children being tossed about in the liberal hell of public schools who are taught to see America as evil, who aren’t being taught our country’s triumphs and greatness. And I say, How dare they? How dare they, these power-driven Democratic liberals who are hellbent on removing the name of God the Father and Jesus Christ from America, and forcing the Ten Commandments out of our halls justice? How dare this man say “America is not a Christian Nation!”

It’s Eastertide, Americans — a time of regeneration and renewal.  Will you wake up?

To contact your Congressional Representative use this link: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.


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