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Conservatives have long been waiting for impeachment to come to Capitol Hill. Soon, it will come to their mailboxes.

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Constitutional conservatives around the country will soon receive a 17-page package from the National Campaign for an Impeachment Inquiry, an undertaking of The Conservative Caucus (TCC). The conservative watchdog organization bills the mailing a “national ballot of 5,000,000 registered voters” on “Whether Congress Should Launch An Impeachment Inquiry Into President Barack Hussein Obama’s Assault On Our Constitution.” It will include a survey and “Special Report” asking recipients to note whether they agree with each reason the report offers.

The left-wing Talking Points Memo announced the letter on its website today.

Founded in 1974, TCC is chaired by Howard Phillips. Phillips initiated impeachment proceedings against Bill Clinton in 1994 – a full four years before Congressional Republicans got around to it. Now, he is turning his sights on Barack Obama.

The ballot begins:

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The purpose of this survey of 5,000,000 registered voters is to show pro-freedom, pro-Constitutional members of Congress that there is broad public support for the new Congress to conduct a full Inquiry into whether President Barack Hussein Obama has kept his oath of office to faithfully “protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.”

If this inquiry concludes that he has not, Impeachment proceedings would then begin.

Those who receive the survey will get to answer, point blank: “Do you think the new Congress should immediately launch an Impeachment Inquiry into whether or not President Obama has faithfully protected and defended the Constitution of the United States, as required by his oath of office?”

The package reviews the Obama administration’s shameless and pervasive violation of the U.S. Constitution and its desire to remake our form of government. Rahm Emanuel vowed never to “let a serious crisis go to waste. What I mean by that is it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before.” The report continues, “Now we know what Rahm Emanuel meant by that statement. He meant that the Obama Administration planned to use the economic recession to permanently and fundamentally transform America.”

The nationalization of the health care industry is the most significant step taken to that end in a generation. Phillips shows that the bill is unconstitutional on several grounds, beginning with the mandate that Americans purchase health care insurance. He quotes a judgment the Congressional Budget Office made about HillaryCare in 1994: “A mandate requiring all individuals to purchase health insurance would be an unprecedented form of Federal action.” Then he quotes Judge Andrew Napolitano, who found the act unconstitutional because it commandeers the state legislatures, forcing them to pay for ObamaCare and regulate their internal state markets. The fraudulent accounting employed in ObamaCare and its establishment of 159 new government agencies – none authorized by the U.S. Constitution – give readers a panoply of reasons to reject the bill’s legality.

Both the executive and the legislative branches share responsibility for passing government-run health care – a bill that a strict constructionist court would strike down. However, the president alone bears responsibility for enforcing the law, something Phillips proves Obama willingly fails to do. In a section entitled “Obama Refuses to Enforce Laws He Does Not Like,” Phillips specifically mentions the president’s unilateral decision to waive accountability for labor unions. The law requires organized labor to itemize its expenditures and report conflicts of interest, but Obama – who is deeply indebted to Big Labor – has excused its fat cat leaders from doing so.

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