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Is Impeaching Obama In Our Interest?

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An article in Investor’s Business Daily on August 13, 2014 suggested that Obama is the GOP’s greatest asset.  But is Obama the greatest asset for the rest of us?  Most conservatives and a growing number of non-conservatives would say emphatically “NO!”.

George Washington warned us in his farewell address to the American People over 200 years ago about the danger of political factions (political parties) that care more about their own self-interest than they do the welfare of our Nation. The times of today are times that Washington warned us about.

Obama is openly threatening to dictate an illegal “amnesty” in a couple of weeks that would put us on track to be dominated permanently by Progressives. Yet, the Republican leadership still refuses to challenge Obama in any significant way. They claim that talk of impeachment helps Obama raise money.

So, the Republican leadership sees their interest in stifling talk of Obama’s lawlessness and his punishment for it. In effect, we would become a one-party nation, although a docile and compliant Republican Party may be allowed to continue to exist in order to keep up appearances.

It seems apparent that Obama has serious psychological issues, as Sam Vaknin, an international expert, pointed out.  He has recently brought a very irrational crisis to the border with his illegal acts and refusal to enforce the law.  In the next two years, he will have little to lose; and this disturbed individual is likely to push the self-serving, see-no-evil Republicans and the American public to the breaking point.  The best time to confront a tyrant is as early as possible–and it is already very late.

The force of the consensus of a large part of the American public can move mountains, and this is what the Republicans actually fear–being overwhelmed and swept away by a sea change in public opinion.  This is really the reason the Leadership is trying to discourage talk of impeachment, which threatens their well-laid plans for appeasement and inclusion in a post-liberty, progressive-ruled America. Exposing Obama would also expose the complicity of the Republican leadership in allowing him to run amok with a fraudulent and lawless regime as they looked on and did virtually nothing but posture.

A recent CNN poll showed that 35% of independents and even 13% of Democrats want Obama removed from office. Thirty-five percent of the overall public wants him removed. The media tried to play this down, but it is a huge percentage of the population considering the constant media propaganda barrage endured by the public in Obama’s favor.

This is what has launched the Hollywood elites into a panic of money-giving to Obama. It represents over 100 million Americans who want Obama removed from office.  It scares them and demonstrates their vulnerability.  Hollywood can give Obama a trillion dollars if they want, but it will not prevent the American people from finally rejecting Obama.

The media, the entertainment industry, and the political parties are not all powerful.  They just want us to believe they are, so that we give up hope and stop resisting.  One hundred million convinced Americans today can soon become 150-200 million, a majority.

We do not owe allegiance to a flaccid Republican leadership that is only concerned with the interests of their Party.  We owe our allegiance to America; and that means we are duty-bound to speak out publicly against corruption, lawlessness, and the current destruction of our Constitution and national sovereignty–whether it bothers Republican elites or not.

Come out next week for what we are calling “Impeach Obama Week” and speak truth directly to the American People.

National Impeach Obama Week

Even small street protests in small towns across America can make a big difference because now the images are shared with the entire world via the internet, and this encourages other Americans to also rise up.  This is what the Quisling collaborators in the Republican and Democrat parties fear most: ordinary Americans rising up in a mass movement that will really transform America in a positive way.


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