Should Congress Impeach Barack Obama?
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More individuals are calling for President Barack Obama to be impeached by Congress.

Since taking office in 2009, there have been allegations that President Obama has overstepped his Constitutional authority in several different instances. This has resulted in calls for his impeachment.

Critics of the President have argued that he:

  • Had personal knowledge of the ATF “Fast and Furious” gunwalking operation, which resulted in the death of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry, and of hundreds of Mexican citizens.
  • Initiated, and continued, military action in Libya without Congressional approval
  • Granted amnesty to young illegal immigrants by executive order, bypassing Congress
  • Refused to enforce federal immigration law
Additionally, there are ongoing investigations into his status as a natural-born citizen, and questions as to the authenticity of his birth certificate.

This poll is being conducted to discover what the American people think about this subject. Should Barack Obama Be Impeached? The results of this poll will be published online and will be shared with major news networks and policy makers, including members of Congress. By answering this poll and having your friends take part, you can influence the decisions of those in Washington.