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I’m dreaming of a green Halloween


While homes and businesses around the country are decorated in orange and black for Halloween, the U.S. Energy Department is much more interested in being green.

Never missing an opportunity to forcefully cram its anti-energy policies down America’s collective throat, the agency has awkwardly combined ghosts and goblins with low-flow toilets to amusing — if unsettling — results.

The department’s website pries the leftist mantra of energy efficiency into a Halloween discussion by suggesting individuals can “ward off vampires with energy-efficient light bulbs” and “banish goblins and other creatures lurking in the shadows with solar outdoor lighting.”

I understand the current administration occupies the extreme far-left, especially on the subject of the environment. One can assume the Dept. of Energy would espouse these views on its website, but there is no obvious continuity between Halloween and compact fluorescent light bulbs — with the possible exception that both involve cruel tricks perpetrated on large numbers of Americans.
“[Y]ou can stop ghosts and witches in their tracks and achieve water savings of 25-60 percent by installing low-flow fixtures,” the site claims in one of its more baffling assertions.

It’s no surprise this administration usurps events specifically marketed toward children, such as Halloween.

Reaching the impressionable youth is a key directive for those wishing to change popular opinion.

Piggybacking on one of the most recognizable features of the holiday, the agency also recommends environmentally-friendly jack-o-lanterns.

The site encourages kids to “take the chance to show off your energy-saving, science-loving spirit with one of these designs,” which include a solar panel, a compact fluorescent bulb, and a windmill.
Halloween in America has always been an opportunity to give someone a good-natured scare.
Green energy initiatives like this, though, are not good-natured. They are just scary.

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