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Update: Multimillion-Dollar Resort Loses Bid To House Illegals

Big Update!


Recently reported by The Gateway Pundit, the Obama administration will soon be housing hundreds of illegal children in a multimillion-dollar resort in Texas, just a few miles from the border. It could reportedly cost taxpayers nearly $50 million.

Big Update! Due to the backlash the charity received after the story broke, the Baptist Child and Family Services withdrew its bid for the Palm Aire Resort.

According to Fox News, a source said:

“We are not going to continue with trying to purchase that hotel. It was just too controversial. We should have known better, no matter what the cost.”

Palm Aire Hotel and Suites in Weslaco, Texas, had been awarded to BCFS (Baptist Child and Family Service), and they would of been operating under a federal contract.

“This facility is part of the solution for alleviating overcrowded conditions seen in Border Patrol facilities as a result of the increase in migration from Central America,” BCFS spokesman Asennet Segura said in a prepared statement.

This was set to be the first illegal immigrant resort in the nation.

According to the BCFS, they planned to house as many as 600 children between the ages of 12-17 at the resort. They also planned to provide medical and mental health care, as well as educational and recreational programs.

There were also plans to hire 650 workers, some of which will make upwards of $45 per hour. For those doing the math at home: at their base pay of $10 per hour, taxpayers would have been paying over $13 million annually in salaries alone.

Not only would they have received housing, they would have also found amenities such as Olympic sized swimming pools, Jacuzzis, saunas, and a fitness center.

KRGV-TV quoted a BCFS spokeswoman about the purpose of buying the Palm Aire Hotel:

“It’s going to be an intake facility, which serves as a lot like a hospital emergency room,” Krista Piferrer, BCFS VP External Affairs said.

“We’ve all seen the photos and the videos of children in crowded Border Patrol facilities. What this site is going to allow to happen is quickly move those children out of Border Patrol cells and triage them,” Piferrer said.

The plan was to have the resort up and running for the illegal alien children by October first, a mere couple months away, and have them stay, on average 15 days.

Photo Credit: thegatewaypundit.com


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