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If Zimmerman’s Head is Bloody, Charges Shouldn’t Have Been Filed


The chant during the OJ trial was, “if the glove don’t fit, then vote to acquit.” In the Trayvon Martin killing, the legal system should focus on the wounds of George Zimmerman. Now that the bloody photographs of the back of George Zimmerman’s head have been released, we must ask why he was charged with second-degree murder.

These photos are clear evidence that George Zimmerman was acting in self-defense, and according to Florida law, Zimmerman had a right to protect himself that tragic night.

We expect the national news media to manipulate and mislead in a case such as this, and they didn’t disappoint. NBC doctored the 911 tapes. News websites photoshopped Zimmerman’s pictures to make him appear more “white.” Some photos even have Zimmerman’s brown Hispanic eyes as being a light Aryan blue. All this news manipulation was intent on creating racial tension.

We expected a higher standard from prosecutors. It now seems clear that they are also trying to manipulate this case for exposure and career advancement. The prosecutors have been as craven as the news media.

The conflicting stories from the night of the death of Trayvon Martin should have been sorted out by police working in concert with prosecutors. Instead, we have seen prosecutors intimidated by a national movement intent on using Martin’s death to create racial tension (and to reelect Barack Obama.)

This entire case has become a toxic political situation, and justice for George Zimmerman is being sacrificed on the altar of expediency and racial politics.

Florida statutes are clear. To be charged with 2nd degree murder under Florida law, Zimmerman must possess a “depraved mind having no regard for human life.” Also, Zimmerman would have to demonstrate malice.

Taking a human life in Florida only becomes a criminal homicide if it is without justification. Self-defense, including the use of deadly force, is explicitly recognized in Florida law.

It is likely that the decision made by police the night of the killing to release and not arrest Zimmerman was a good one. It is disgusting to see a pack of race hustlers leading a mob force to trial in this case by explicitly threatening riots if no criminal charges were filed.

Whenever a young person is killed, it is tragic. But the tragedy started when Trayvon Martin embraced the gang banger lifestyle. It happened when Martin responded by decking Zimmerman to the ground. It started when Zimmerman’s head was pounded against the ground. It was only finished when Zimmerman fought back.

Prosecutors when faced with the photos of Zimmerman’s injuries should have resisted responding to a mob, even when it is led by a President and an Attorney General. Prosecutors should be immune from intimidation and manipulation by political big wigs.

Now if the Zimmerman case goes to trial, we have to look forward to a summer of deeply divisive and prolonged legal proceedings that will only heighten racial tensions.

But these tensions will be a welcomed change of topic for an administration that wants to talk about anything but their miserable stewardship of the economy.

Photo credit: ABC News

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