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If Obama is “Unbeatable,” Why is He Pandering to Hispanics?


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver Creative Commons

Speaking in a snarky tone last week, Barack Obama asked a gathering of El Paso Hispanics if they thought the Republicans wanted an alligator-filled moat on the Mexican border. This attempt at bravado from a man who knows very well what the problems of our southern border are (because he created and/or maintains many of them) was unbecoming, even for a low-rent character like Obama.

The irony of making disparaging remarks about the dangers posed by the failed state of Mexico in El Paso was apparently completely lost on Obama and his teleprompter. Last June, El Paso was fired upon by shooters stationed in Juarez, Mexico, a dung heap just across the border. In all, as many as seven rounds may have hit the El Paso City Hall in the downtown area.  Apologists for the Mexicans found it hard to downplay the malicious intent of the shooting, because the rounds struck home at around 5 o’clock on a busy afternoon.

Of course, Obama did not go to El Paso to speak truthfully about the need to secure our southern border. He went there to pander to the Hispanic community, because he is losing its support and without it he can not be reelected. He is frightened and desperate.

Obama’s support numbers among Hispanics have dropped steadily and considerably since he got 67 percent of their vote in 2008.  In 2010, the percentage of Hispanics voting Democrat had fallen to 60 percent, and two recent polls show Obama’s Hispanic support at just 54 percent.

Obama has moved into high gear pandering toward the Hispanic community.

Last month he told the graduates of  Miami Dade College (which happens to be the most Hispanic college in America) the DREAM Act which is a backdoor scheme to grant amnesty to illegal aliens is not dead. He looked a group of highly educated Hispanics in the eyes and lied to them, hoping he could make them forget he couldn’t pass it with a lame duck senate.


Schumer sees Hispanics as Fools and the Rest of us as Dopes


Speaking to the National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference last Thursday, Chuck Schumer brazenly said passing immigration reform (read amnesty) “will substantially improve, wages and working conditions for all Americans.” Moments later Schumer managed to pander to those who believe in amnesty and stoke the fires of class warfare without taking a second breath when he added,  “If we do this in conjunction with the program that allows people already here to obtain cards so they can work, we would take away the supply of illegal workers.” He added, “There are unscrupulous employers who’ve exploited this chief source of [illegal] labor to increase profits while depressing wages for American workers.”

Some in the Beltway might see Obama as unbeatable, but I don’t think he himself sees thing that way.


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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and is reprinted with permission.

Photo Credit: Dustin C. Oliver Creative Commons


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