If I Were Mitt Romney


If I were Mitt Romney, I would be loudly proclaiming the following:

The argument that I was an “outsourcer” of jobs by the Obama administration is laughable when one considers the fact that Obama appointed Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, to his “Jobs Advisory Board,” and then Immelt moved an entire Division of General Electric to China. No hypocrisy there!

I have been criticized for having said that I would have allowed General Motors to file bankrupcy rather than bail them out with taxpayer money. I would have allowed General Motors to go bankrupt because, #1. It would have allowed GM to renegotiate the union contracts with their enormous unfunded liabilities, back to a realistic level. #2 By law, the investors of General Motors should have been paid back BEFORE anyone else. What happened was that these people lost millions of dollars because of Obama’s use of taxpayers money to do an end run around the bankruptcy court and repay his union friends for their political support. By the way, thousands of middle class workers DID lose their jobs because of Obama’s actions. All the people who worked for the dealerships that were closed for questionable reasons were all out of a job, or don’t they count them? Sales people. Secretaries, finance people, mechanics, and prep people just to name a few. You’ll notice that they were never mentioned by the Democrats when they bring this issue up, do they?

When I was at Bain Capital, we succeeded in saving about 70-75% of the companies that we took over, with PRIVATE money. I ask how many of the “green energy” businesses have survived after the hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars of taxpayer money given to them by this current administration? We intend to open up America’s natural resources and make this country as energy-independent as we can and as cheaply as we can to ease the financial burden of the already overstretched middle class.

We also intend to sit down with our Republican leadership in Congress, if elected, change the business landscape of America by overturning loathsome regulations that do nothing but strangle business. We would lower both the corporate and personal income tax rates to encourage investment and help provide a thriving stock market so that retirement is a time to enjoy what you have earned, not have to work until you die.

Obamacare would be repealed and replaced with a plan that is fair to everyone. Not a tax, not a penalty, not a mandate, just a fair plan to reduce the cost of health care and make it available to those who want it.

I will not apologize for the fact that I have been blessed in this life with prosperity and success. I don’t remember anyone slamming the Kennedys for having been wealthy. Their trust sits in an offshore account in Fiji, yet I never heard that being a focal point of any of their campaigns. John Kerry’s wealth didn’t seem to be as much of a problem as mine has become…..I wonder why? Oh, and John Edwards’ wealth didn’t seem to be scrutinized at all in his Presidential bid. Could it be that different standards are applied to Republicans?

I would not bow to anyone in this world except God, Himself, and I would NOT apologize for America for anything. We are the most compassionate and giving people in the world, despite what the naysayers might believe. Our history proves that. At least the unrevised history.

I will do my best to free our schools from the dictates of Washington D.C. and give control back to the local parents and school boards. Teachers, police, and firefighters are local issues to be decided by the people who have to pay their salaries. I would hope that with local control and direction our schools would go back to educating our children instead of indoctrinating them. We have thrown over $2 TRILLION at education since 1979, and the best America can do is 25th place worldwide? I don’t think so.

We need to encourage regular folks with very useful, but not college-taught skills. We need to pave the way to make it encouraging to start their own business, if that’s their inclination. We need to encourage tech schools and trade schools for people who don’t want to go to college. We need to go back to being the leading manufacturer in the world. We have the will, the people, and the technology to do so if we desire.

We will appoint an Attorney General who will enforce all the laws of the United States, not just the ones that he/she agree with. We will expect our appointees to be of the highest ethical standards and will accept nothing less. My administration will strive to come up with an immigration plan that gives no one a free pass, but is fair and open with the current situation in mind. We will work, first of all to protect our borders, both North, and South. We will make sure the protection of both our citizens and agents is a priority and backed up with adequate force. We will not allow persons to be intimidated, or murdered by forces crossing our borders illegally. All options to prevent this violence are on the table.

Our administration will strive to raise America’s standing in the world once again. We will not surrender any of America’s sovereignty to the United Nations or anyone else. America will seek to reassure our friends and sternly caution our enemies not to think America a weakened nation.

I have heard that I may be a little too laid back for my own good, but I have a question: I can learn to tell a good joke, but can the incumbent learn how to govern and lead? Which is more important to you this November? I humbly ask for your vote so that we can get America working again. Thank you.

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