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That outflow should re-focus our attention on God Himself and His vision for our state – any state – as a place that maximizes opportunity for all and places a premium on permitting each of its citizens to “work out your own salvation in fear and trembling,” as Paul writes in Philippians. The outflow of that is to stop honoring the expressions of our idolatries from the Gold Rush to politically correct thought, and from the slaughter of the unborn to the excesses of the environmentalist movement. Our laws should reflect stewardship of the human and physical environment without the manipulation of it. Thus ends the influence of Herod.

Those churches and leaders who absent themselves from public affairs because their concern is otherworldly need to get a clue: this is the influence of the Pharisees – don’t look and don’t touch because you might make a mistake. Jesus calls us to walk on water; Peter is repenting when he begins to sink and calls on His Lord to save him.

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What is required of us is both difficult and risky. But it is not complex, and it is our participation in the Kingdom of God in California if we choose to believe.

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