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Ideas on Where We Go From Here


Yogi Berra once observed: ‘When you come to a fork in the road–take it.”

I am reminded of a story about a pony. Two boys were assigned to shovel a stable full of horse manure. One of the boys was depressed. The other enthusiastically shoveled with glee.  “Why are you so happy?” asked the depressed lad.  His happy associate responded, “with all of this manure, must be a pony in here.”

I must now trust and believe that God has a pony in there by allowing Obama to be re-elected. Therefore, I will not join those who think we have lost the battle for America–even though I have gone through the gauntlet of depression, denial, and fear. Nor do I ascribe to the nonsense that our Tea party and our values for over 200 years are too extreme. Our values are aligned to the human spirit. They are right and just.

Obama appealed to three general groups: the clueless entitlement addicts, racists and yuppies from the 60s, and liberal Hollywood–all aided and abetted by the liberal media, who actually determines who will win elections nowadays by their biased reporting and their late night shows and by keeping the masses clueless or misinformed.

So where do we go from here?

First of all, contact the electors of the red states (17 of them) and tell them to not vote in the electoral college on Dec. 17. That would throw it to the House (with a majority of Republicans) to vote for the President.  All that is needed is for 1/3 not to vote.

Why don’t the multimillionaires who throw vast amounts of money into the election buy up some of the news media and turn them into fair and balanced and investigative news sources (as they used to be)? Why don’t other billionaires start journalism schools where they are taught something besides socialism and biased reporting and teach them to do investigative reporting? Offer scholarships.

Develop a greater ground game–outfox the foxes. Start right now and set up office, especially in the swing states for the 2016 election.

Forget expensive TV ads as most get their news on Ipods and the net now. We should have learned by now that being nice like McCain and Romney does not work with these socialist democrats.  For goodness sakes, find a younger conservative to run, preferably a minority.  It is apparent that white men in their 60s will not always win with the demographics of the country now. One suggestion: Marco Rubio.

May God continue to bless America!

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