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I Will Not Conform


Photo Credit: marsmet 541 (Creative Commons)

What has happened to our nation?

Where have all the sensible people gone?

We are suffering from a binge on entitlements, a hangover from the dysfunction of government, and a chronic case of crabs in every office of government in the land. We praise idiots because they entertain us in movies, they play doctors and lawyers and politicians, and then we think they can solve our woes because they acted the part once. What kind of idiocy breeds this kind of logic?

We have politicians who believe themselves above us, above the law and above reproach. They demand the respect due them because of the office they hold, all the while forgetting that it is an office of responsibility, not power. Decrees abound, from the minds and mouths of fools with no understanding of the issues. They posture and primp, speaking words full of sounds but devoid of any meaning.

We are told that we have no idea what is right; so we must be lead, by force if need be, to the trough of understanding where we will be shackled for our own well-being. These same elites tell us that for too long, we have run amuck without the benefit of their hand to guide us. We have caused ourselves harm, and now it must be made right by the proper masters of our fates. They demand obedience and loyalty on pain of shame at the least and death at the most. If we speak out or ask why, we are marginalized. We are said to be in poor mental health, given to fancy and irrational thinking and ultimately a danger to ourselves and to society at large. We must be brought under control before the nation suffers irreparable harm.

Conform, conform, conform… And like rats in a maze, people search for the reward of conforming to the system set before us.

I will not conform. I will not divide my soul for a crumb, nor will I ask permission to think as God has given me sovereignty over my own mind and my own actions. If it means my life to live free of intrusion, so be it, though it not be my desire. My life I will give to speak the truth as it is, not as I am told to think.

If your life is so short of value that the comfort of conformity is your guiding principle, then may your life be long and filled with unfulfilled dreams. And when at the end of your time you find the empty hole where your spirit once rested, let it be the only place in which to shed your tears of regret.

Though I may die, yet may I live: in the sound of the wind, the lightning in the night sky and the crash of waves upon every shore…for my body may be no more, but none but Hashem can quench my spirit.

Photo Credit: marsmet 541 (Creative Commons)


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