I have important things to do, like destroy the country


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Why release the birth certificate nearly 3 years later?  I and others have been asking for President Obama to put this growing controversy to rest for ages.  It really wasn’t ‘silliness’  as he stated in his press conference on Wednesday the 27th,  2011.  It was only what the demanding media and liberals requested and got from John McCain,  also running during the last election cycle.  Obama was AWOL with his.  In fact, instead, he spent nearly 2 million dollars to hide all his records,  College,  Passport and Birth certificate.  Naturally he had to do that simply because of our silliness and endless addiction to diversion and racism.

Assuming this presented ‘long form’ birth certificate is the real one,  are there any real issues outside of silliness surrounding a ‘secret’ and unresponsive President the last 2 ½ years?  At the very least there is ‘Saul Alinsky’  arrogance,  manipulation and game playing that have been the hallmark of Obama’s attitude on this and other issues.

Phil Berg, Democrat attorney, has sued Obama over this issue as have many others and only asked on my show for years now for Obama to come clean and settle the issue by showing his real birth certificate.  Wednesday,  he has allegedly done that.  We shall see how this bold declaration plays.

Regardless of where Obama was born and the truth and lies that surround this drama,  we have massive problems that are growing under the Obama administration and progressive left.  Our country needs to be more than fixed.  We need to be redeemed and lifted back out of the sinking and swirling toilet boil he has put us into.  Whether Obama was born in Kansas,  Hawaii,  Kenya or Mars,  he is violating our country and must be stopped.  His world view is NOT that of America and our constitution.

Critical issues Obama could do something about but won’t:

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