‘I don’t know whether Obama’s a U.S. citizen’


Tennessee state Senate speaker and gubernatorial candidate Ron Ramsey has joined the growing ranks of officials and prominent commentators who say they are unsure of whether President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen.

Barack Obama 10 SC

Ramsey was asked Feb. 2 about the issue by Maclin Davis, a former state lawmaker and attorney for the state GOP, the Associated Press reported.

“I don’t know whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States or not,” Ramsey responded. “I don’t know what the whole deal is there.”

However, Ramsey added that he doesn’t believe citizens are concerned about Obama’s citizenship status.

“But I’m going to tell you something,” he said. “When you walk out on the street down here, people don’t really care about this issue.”

Ramsey is just the latest addition to a long line of lawmakers and prominent personalities who have questioned Obama’s citizenship status or asked why he hasn’t released a birth certificate.

Read the full story on other leaders who have questions about Obama’s eligibility : By Chelsea Schilling, WND


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