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Hypocrisy Alert: Democrats and Voter ID


It seems that at a recent meeting of one of the Democrats’ political meetings, people attending were asked to show a photo I.D. before they could get in. In another instance reported in various news sources, it seems that Michelle Obama has requested photo I.D. and a Social Security number at her book signings. So why are the Democrats so dead-set on NOT making it mandatory to show photo I.D. when voting? Could it be that it just makes it too hard for the deceased to cast their ballots for whomever will give them the most free goodies from the government? Shame on those cold hearted, responsible, fair-minded citizens who demand such a thing as identification!

Maybe it’s because ILLEGAL aliens aren’t allowed to cast their ballots for those promising them taxpayers-funded “free” goodies (plus the opportunity to bring even more of their relatives across the border without bothering to register.) Just because everyone else in the world has to stand in line shouldn’t mean that our Southern neighbors have to adhere to our law. Hell, we stole California, New Mexico. Arizona, Texas, Chicago, and New York from Mexico…..hey wait a minute…..I wonder if they would consider taking California, Chicago, and New York back? We’ll even throw in Puerto Rico and Venezuela. What if we throw in Masschusetts? (I may be pushing my luck with that one!)

It should be easy to get all these ILLEGAL people I.D.’s; after all, their addresses are all in Juarez. Is that on the American or Mexican side of the border? (Now where did I put that map?) I have no problem with non-citizens using the Social Security numbers of the deceased because it’s not like their former owners are using them or anything. Wouldn’t want a perfectly good Social Security number to go to waste now, would we? Besides, recycling those Social Security numbers would allow ICE to concentrate on rounding up those renegade Haitains who keep trying to sneak over here on leaky boats. Those things (the leaky boats) are an eyesore to the tourists in the summer.

The Democrats do have a point when they say there is no voter fraud. Most of the people they use to try to commit that fraud are too stupid to pull it off or can’t resist talking to someone with a camera and a microphone about how they did do it. What a brilliant strategy! I wish the Republicans would have thought of that first. They could have called it “creative innovations in voting”! Think of the possibilities! No more voter fraud because it’s now legal! (Wow, I’m really digressing!)

If my history is correct, and I think it should be since I attended a parochial school, you had to be a landowner to be eligible to vote at the beginning of our nation’s existence! In other words, you had to have a vested interest in what, or whom, you were voting for. It made paying attention to issues and people of paramount importance because it could affect your wealth and livelihood. Today, if an election draws 40% of the voters, the heavens start to sing! Hey, maybe we should just pay ILLEGALS to vote for us! Oh wait a minute…….the Democrats already do that! Another good idea taken without so much as a “thank you”!

It seems that if politicians start screaming bloody murder about some common sense idea, it only means the idea would be good for the country and bad for the powers that be! You need a picture I.D. to drive a car in this country. You need a picture I.D. to buy cigarettes and booze in this country. You even need a picture I.D. to buy certain magazines and to enter some “gentlemen’s clubs”, so why not a picture I.D. to perform such an important privilege as voting?

The tactic of telling blacks that it’s a sneaky “Jim Crow” law trying to make a comeback and “disenfranchise” minorities and the poor (usually the same groups) is getting real old. It still amazes me that some Americans refuse to think for themselves and just accept this nonsense at face value. Wanting to verify the fact that you are who you say you are and are legitimately registered to vote is basically a way to protect the integrity of our elections and make sure that every vote that should count does.

The utter hypocrisy that Democrats are demonstrating over this issue is ridiculous. This whole Obama Thugocracy is nothing more tham a bad Keystone Cops movie. Unfortunately, the audience watching this tragi-comedy is the world. They aren’t laughing with us, folks; they are laughing at us!

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