Hundreds Of Veterans March, Rally At White House For Ron Paul


 – Veterans of the United States military marched to the White House and rallied for 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul. Organizers of the event notified the Washington establishment that Paul was the “choice of the troops.”

Since the 2008 presidential election, Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul has received more funds from active-military members than his Republican rivals. This year, Digital Journal reported that not only did the libertarian-leaning congressman raise a lot more money than this GOP opponents, but also President Barack Obama.

On Monday, hundreds of active duty troops, veterans and Paul voters rallied at the Washington monument and marched to the White House to show their support for the three-time presidential candidate.

The event, which was organized by Adam Kokesh, a libertarian activist and member of Iraq Veterans Against the War, and Nathan Cox, co-founder of Veterans for Ron Paul, opposed the foreign policy of the U.S. government.

Read more at Digital Journal. By Andrew Moran.


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