Huffington Post Uses Doctored Video to Attack FNC’s John Gibson


Liberal news site Huffington Post is attacking Fox News Host John Gibson for something he didn’t actually say. Using doctored video, they wrote up a scathing article attacking Gibson for being a racist, and comparing Attorney General Holder to a monkey, when in reality nothing he said could be remotely contrived as racist. This is a clear example of liberal websites promoting their lies through blatant falsehoods. The video below is the doctored footage that Huffington Post had on its website. They have since issued a retraction, while Daily KOS a liberal blog has yet to issue a retraction.  The doctoring occurs at 2:41-2:49. 


To see the original piece on Huffington Post go here

To see the piece on liberal blog Daily Kos that has yet to be retracted go here

Sort of makes you question whether these websites care what the truth is or if they just want to advance their hyperpartisan agenda. 


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