By Patrick Dorinson, Fox News

Bush: hey Obama, lucky for you the media loves ya

Bush: hey Obama, lucky for you the media loves ya

Every day we learn more and more about the personal life of President Obama. The mainstream media seems obsessed with giving us every little detail of his day. About the only thing they haven’t covered yet are his personal grooming habits. What kind of toothpaste does he use? Does he shave with an electric shaver or shaving cream and a disposable razor?

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And before all you Obamaphiles get your blood pressure up too much and rush to your keyboards to defend the president, this is not about him. He is not the one making these “news” judgments. In fact, I’ll bet pretty soon, if he hasn’t already, he will long for the privacy his old life afforded.

No, this is about the mainstream media television producers and newspaper editors who seem to think we need to know all this stuff. They seem to want to continue the role they perfected in the campaign as press agents for President Obama, his administration and its policies.

Last week there were two events that demonstrated the overkill:

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