Liberals Will not give up until they silence talk radio 


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Liberals Will not give up until they silence talk radio

Frank pastore,

The Democrats’ frontal assault on talk radio has failed, as planned. They knew the Fairness Doctrine—their attempt to balance the radio airwaves with federally-subsidized progressive talk, i.e. “censorship”—would fail because there aren’t yet enough Americans willing to surrender more of the First Amendment. Emphasis on the “yet”—but they’re working on it.

As we now know, the spontaneous coordinated personal attack on Rush Limbaugh was orchestrated by senior Democratic strategists Rahm Emanuel, James Carville and Paul Begala. Rush only accelerated their timetable with his politically precise statement, “I hope the president fails [to kill capitalism and institute socialism]”—a statement that every Republican should, just as every conservative already does, agree with. If not, you’re in the wrong party. Those who are seduced by the spirit of bipartisanship, what is it that you believe Obama wants conservatives to succeed in?— other than defeat, of course.

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