How to Reverse ‘Times’ Path to Destruction


By Herb Denenburg, The Bulletin


I’m so overwhelmed with compassion as I witness newspapers like the New York Times and Philadelphia Inquirer in bankruptcy and hovering on the brink of extinction that I’ve come up with some ideas to save them. I’ll focus on the New York Times, as it is sets the agenda for the dishonest, fraudulent and biased reporting of the mainstream media. Here are new ways to market the Times and perhaps save it:

1.    I’ve noticed the Times’ editorials are not only consistently wrong in their conclusions but also totally flawed in their reasoning. Therefore, they can advertise as a convenient shorthand route to correct decisions on major public policy issues — take the Times recommendations and do the opposite. If you want the right defense policy, for example, just read The Times’ editorials and do the opposite. If they want to cut the defense budget, for example, that means you should raise it. If they want to stop the development of a weapons system, that should be an urgent call to continue development.

2.    Of course, The Times echoes the propaganda line of the Obama administration to a “T.” So it can be used to largely supplant the publications of the Democratic National Committee and other party organs. Read the Times for the complete Obama and Democratic Party line. The present Times motto ought to go, which is “All the news that’s fit to print.” A new motto might be, “All the news that fits the bias,” or “All the bias that’s fit to print.” The Times should be able to get a payment from the Democratic Party organizations for doing its work.

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