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How to Hold the House in 2012


by Kevin “Coach” Collins, CoachIsRight.com

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The findings of a new McLaughlin & Associates poll reveal important data items for Republican leaders to consider. This data  was submitted to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor on January 26, 2011.

The majority of voters seem to like Barack Obama personally, but nearly 6 in 10 give him a negative job performance rating.  More significantly, voters do not want Obama re-elected by a 50-44 margin.

Republicans still enjoy a solid 39-35 edge in the generic ballot question: In the next election for Congress, will you vote for a Republican or a Democrat?

The numbers coming from self-identified Independents show a strong preference for Republicans at 27-17. Nevertheless, the large number of “undecided” (56 percent) is a healthy warning to the new Congress to get things done.

What voters want from Congress

When voters were asked to place a 1-to-10 value on the importance of a series of issues, their priorities showed some variance from the general perception held in the media and by Congressional Republicans.

While many might believe voters put the GOP in charge to repeal ObamaCare, by a large margin “cutting spending to reduce the deficit” with a 7.93 is clearly more important to voters than “repealing ObamaCare,” which was far behind at 5.80.

This item suggests House Republicans have to do a better job of explaining how repeal will bring us closer to our goal of cutting the deficit. Raising taxes, the knee-jerk liberal answer to every problem, has apparently seen its day. Voters favored raising taxes at just a 4.15 level.

Voter willingness to consider a firmer stance on unemployment benefits

When asked how long an unemployed worker should receive unemployment benefits, the upward ceiling was 24 months with little support for extending benefits beyond this threshold.  The odd fact that 25 percent of Independents favor benefits “As long as it takes” and more Republicans (18 percent) than Democrats (10 percent) joined them adds credibility to the overall findings of this poll.

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