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It used to be that families took care of each other. As many as three generations would live in a house at one time. When the parents went to work, the grandparents took care of the children. When the grandparents were unable to take care of themselves, the children and grandchildren took care of them. Now, we send our elderly to retirement and nursing homes because it’s more convenient, the government pays for it, and we complain about our high taxes.

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We used to get up early in the morning, make breakfast for our children and send them to school with a lunch and snacks. But when parents stopped doing that, the government ordered that school cafeterias be built, workers hired, and now there are many districts in the country where children aren’t even allowed to bring food in from home (no peanut butter sandwiches and no peanut butter and jelly in some districts). Often, children are fed breakfast and lunch in school. There’s talk of also providing them with dinner. What’s next,  feeding them on the weekends and during summer when they’re not in school. What is that saying about us?

My grandparents used to walk five miles each way to go to school, but now we bus children if they live more than a mile away. We have buses, drivers, mechanics and managers. The cafeteria and bus service are paid for with our school taxes.  We complain about how high taxes are, and our children are becoming morbidly obese.  Of course, there are other causes for obesity, but think how much exercise children could get if they walked farther.

Any time we abdicate any of our responsibilities, we create a hole. The government fills that hole and makes us pay for it. We may not like the way they fill it, but we’ve lost the freedom to do it ourselves, our own way. Eventually, the government will take control of our lives completely, making all of our decisions for us.  The government believes its citizens are too incompetent to make decisions for ourselves, so the Nanny Government must make them for us. Of course the catch is Americans must pay for these “wise” decisions that have turned out to be no so wise. Soon will lose all of our freedoms and will become wards of the state. We will have abdicated our responsibilities because it was easier to let someone else do it. Easier to write a check and not become personally involved.

One day soon, the government will decide what will be done with our elderly parents. The government will raise our children and we will simply be bystanders. The government will decide when and if you will live, when and how you will die. Don’t believe it? What about the fifteen bureaucrats who will decide what care you get with Obamacare? What about the fact that we already have euthanasia in two states? The government will decide what school your children will go to and what they will do for a living. It will be for the glory of the state, not the glory of God. The state will have replaced God and you will find that there no longer is such a thing as religion. In the end, we’ll simply be the biological parents and get to visit our children on special occasions. Maybe weekends.

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