Barack Obama between flags SC

Sit down, toe the line, report what you’re told and nothing more or you will get a snit-fit and a slam-bang from the Obama administration.

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Realize that the following three examples are just a few of the “public” instances that we have heard.  Think how much “behind-the-scenes” pressure there is to go along and get along, which means things just are not getting covered.  In my 20 years of being in the “mainstream” media back when, I am here to say those pressures are REAL and they do impact what gets covered.   That’s why you need the alternative media like ME.

Can you imagine what will happen to wayward reporters  if the regime is re-elected?  Are the latrines dug at the gulags yet?  Let’s review who all in the media world has been publicly punished for being a “bad, bad, bad” reporter:


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