Barack Obama between flags SC

Sit down, toe the line, report what you’re told and nothing more or you will get a snit-fit and a slam-bang from the Obama administration.

Realize that the following three examples are just a few of the “public” instances that we have heard.  Think how much “behind-the-scenes” pressure there is to go along and get along, which means things just are not getting covered.  In my 20 years of being in the “mainstream” media back when, I am here to say those pressures are REAL and they do impact what gets covered.   That’s why you need the alternative media like ME.

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Can you imagine what will happen to wayward reporters  if the regime is re-elected?  Are the latrines dug at the gulags yet?  Let’s review who all in the media world has been publicly punished for being a “bad, bad, bad” reporter:


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