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The word “right” has been distorted all out of proportion today and is being used by the “champions of social justice” to give the false impression that people are ENTITLED to certain privileges as constitutional “rights”. Let me explain. ATHEISTS claim that there is a “seperation of church and state” and they enjoy a right to “freedom FROM religion”; thus no prayer in public schools, no pledge of allegiance, God’s name is not to be uttered at all, and nothing scriptural can be displayed ANYWHERE in public (especially in or on government property.) The sad truth (for atheists anyway) is that this is a LIE! The First Amendment of our Constitution says “Freedom OF religion”, which means that religion IS protected from government interference. The Judeo-Christian belief system gives all Americans the RIGHT to practice their legitimate faith unhindered from governmental influence. The Supreme Court in 1963 gave Madeline Murray O’Hare her victory on taking prayer out of school, which was based NOT on what the Constitution says but rather on what the majority of that court wanted it to say! Social Justice? It is a privilege in America for atheists, deists, agnostics, or whoever to not practice belief in anything. It is NOT their right, through judicial activism, to take that RIGHT away from the majority!

The “right” of abortion, granted in 1973, is NOT a right under the Constitution, but once again, the expressed OPINION of a judicial activist court! The “right” to an abortion is nowhere in the Constitution, nor (without taking a Bill Clinton “depends on what the word is, is” approach) can the argument be sustained if taken before a truly UNBIASED, NON-socially active court and ruled on by the facts! In fact, the practice of abortion is in direct confrontation with the supreme laws and rights provided for in the Constitution. According to this document, the three unalienable rights you have in this country are, LIFE, LIBERTY, and the PURSUIT of HAPPINESS! Amazing that LIFE is the first “unalterable” right that a person¬†(an unborn child is a person whether you want to believe it or not) is given in this country, isn’t it? If you want to escape the responsibilty of an unwanted pregnancy, use another excuse besides the Constitution. It doesn’t support murder of the innocent! Social justice?

The argument of ‘equal protection under the law” being thrown around by social activists today and especially the Democrats (who are trying desperately to curry favor with the Hispanic/Latino community and use them to keep themselves in political power) has also distorted what the 14th Amendment says. It is clearly spelled out (unless you’re a socialist active Harvard lawyer) and pertains to either American-born citizens or “Naturalized” citizens, period! In other words, if you come to this country ILLEGALLY, the only right you have is to be deported right away back to your country of residence, PERIOD. If you are here LEGALLY, with a work visa, valid student visa, or the like, then you the privilege of being allowed to follow the spelled-out steps to become a citizen like every other citizen of the world who comes here looking for a better life. The socialist lawyers and judges are the ones who have distorted this privilege into a right, NOT the Constitution! Social justice?

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