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How Obama’s Immigration Policy Promotes Gay “Marriage”


Barack Obama’s thirst for social engineering knows no boundaries – or borders. Obama has managed to combine his desire to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and his (d)evolving views on gay marriage by opening America’s gates to the same-sex “partners” of elite homosexuals.

On February 9, the State Department expanded the J-1 visa to apply to “same-sex partners” of foreign diplomats. The visa, which has typically been granted to au pairs or academics, will allow the homosexual “spouses” of the world’s political elite to live and work in the United States, a privilege previously reserved to traditional married couples.

The New York Daily News reported, “Even same-sex pairs who tied the knot abroad or in states where gay marriage is legal can’t apply [for J-1 visas], since the federal Defense of Marriage Act defines marriage as between a man and a woman.”

This adds additional weight to Obama’s decision not to defend DOMA.

The Daily News identified the author of the J-1 visa strategy: born-again “moderate” Democrat Hillary Clinton. “As top diplomat, Hilary Clinton has found ways to go around the act – visas for domestic assignments are just the latest in a series of new benefits for diplomats’ same-sex partners.”

David North of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), which is doing invaluable work on the immigration issue, offered a limited critique. “I am not a homophobe,” he stated de rigueur. “But I am appalled by this instance of in-house favoritism; an instance in which the gatekeepers (diplomats and consular officials) create a more generous set of rules for themselves than for the population generally.”

The far-Left’s cultural radicals would like nothing more than to extend this rule to the “population generally.” Indeed, the Gay Lobby greeted the pivot by demanding that all illegal immigrants who “marry” a homosexual be granted U.S. citizenship. “It’s an important step for the Obama administration to recognize our families in this regard,” said Darlene Nipper of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. “All of our families should be treated fairly across the board.”

This would apply to not a few families. Gary Gates at UCLA’s Williams Institute claims approximately 24,000 same-sex couples include a foreigner.

The forces pushing to further pry open our borders are well organized and financed. The organization most clearly lobbying to this end is Immigration Equality, formerly the Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force, which has received funding from the Ford Foundation.

The media have already begun popularizing the idea. A Washington Post headline fretted last September, “Immigration Overhaul Could Leave Gay Couples Out.” The story highlighted the story of John Beddingfield, the priest at All Souls Episcopal Church in the nation’s capital, and Erwin de Leon, his Filipino “husband” here on a student visa. WaPo activist straight-down-the-middle journalist Shankar Vedantam wrote, “The country that had given de Leon a home, given him an education and given him Beddingfield would not allow him to start the process of becoming a citizen.”

Like most mainstream media stories, Vedantam’s is false; de Leon is free to apply for U.S. citizenship on his own merits, as can any other foreign applicant. The Post drew a different conclusion: “Once de Leon’s student visa runs out next year, he will likely be forced to join the 11 million undocumented immigrants in the United States.”

As bizarre as such an immigration change sounds, it is far from unlikely. The one party ruling class supports amnesty, and most of its members secretly support same-sex marriage.

An immigration about-face on marriage would further open America’s porous borders. The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 radically changed our immigration laws, making family reunification the cornerstone of immigration. The 1965 immigration act established the system of “chain migration,” which allows a virtually unlimited number of relatives to obtain U.S. citizenship.

If “marriage” is redefined to include homosexual partners’ relatives, those 24,000 couples could bring millions to our shores.

Homosexual mating patterns would further the crisis. A study in Amsterdam in 2003 found the average male homosexual relationship lasts 18 months, and partners cheated an average of eight times a year. The study builds on a mountain of similar data showing homosexuals do not think of “marriage” the same way heterosexuals do, and their unions are frequently followed by homosexual divorce.

If citizenship rules were relaxed across-the-board, each subsequent “marriage” could set off a new wave of chain migration.

It appears the president is attempting to lay a legal precedent for just such a policy change. Obama has a history of introducing small measures designed to become binding harbingers of greater “change.” He has already extended benefits to the same-sex partners of some federal workers, waxed eloquent about “equal rights to marriage” in the first-ever U.S. report to the UN Human Rights Council, and is attempting to literally redefine the family through federal regulation.

Conservatives – who have traditionally supported strong borders and the nuclear family – must join forces on these two issues now more than ever.


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