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How Long Will It Be Until Detroit Blames Problems On Race?


Photo credit: Bernt Rostad (Creative Commons)

Remember Clint Eastwood’s insulting Super Bowl commercial about Detroit’s comeback?  Using the voice we have come to recognize as a source of “truth, justice, and the American way,” he tried to fool us into believing that Detroit was “too tough to die” and all that Democrat wishful thinking.

Clearly, Dirty Harry didn’t do his homework because Detroit is sinking faster than the Titanic, and Democrat fantasies can’t change that reality. The Democrat-infected Motor City is more on course to become “Greece” than a new “grease monkey’s” paradise.

All of the make-believe about Detroit’s recovery will come to a crashing end on Monday when the Republican controlled State of Michigan will be forced to start the process of taking over the day-to-day operations of the city.

As of today, the city doesn’t have enough sustainable income sources to fund its basic services, and large sections of the town get no municipal services at all – NONE.

Because it is run by Democrats, Detroit has no workable recovery plan that can keep it running beyond May.

The Democrat Mayor and City Council have dug in their heels and have declared that they will not accept being taken over by the State; yet this is not solely a political issue.

The “elephant in the room” not being spoken about is that this issue is as much racial as it is political or financial.

The Democrats in Detroit are Black, and the Republicans in Lansing are White. As sure as the sun shines, Detroit’s Democrats will play the race card and do anything else they can to avoid having to govern with integrity. They will tell the few people left in their city that the EVIL White Republicans are trying to kill them and strip them of their right to select their own representatives.   Never will the truth that it was THEIR representatives that have destroyed Detroit come up in the media.

To be sure, all of Detroit’s posturing will be designed to make its own gross incompetence somebody else’s fault. Just like their hero, Barack Obama, the mayor and City Council will wring their hands and cry racism. It won’t be long before we hear the cries of racism in this story; bet on it.

Let’s hope the Republicans in Lansing stand fast and don’t back down.

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