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How Insane Is All Of This?


Our military is being destroyed right in front of our eyes, as is our way of life.  It’s amazing that with all that is going on in the world, Congress will be leaving Washington and not returning until after the presidential election, assuming that there is one and Obama does not declare Martial Law. If he begins to feel that he might not win, that is exactly what I believe he will do to remain in power.

There is not one Senator or Congressman, with all of the overwhelming evidence against Obama, who questions his eligibility to hold office.  Our system needs an overhaul; absolutely any and every candidate for any high level position, especially those running for either president or vice- president, should be required to pass an FBI investigation and also be required to pass a high-level security clearance.  Allowing someone to become either president or vice-president without either of the above requirements is insane.

Needless to say, if an FBI background check were to have been a requirement in the 2008 presidential election, Obama would never have been allowed to become a candidate based on a number of factors. These factors include his close association with radical extremists such as Bill Ayers, his twenty years sitting in Reverend Wrights radical church, his membership in Chicago Gay Clubs, and his failure to produce any documents that verify any of his past.

It is obvious that Obama was not ever vetted properly by Harry Reid and or Nancy Pelosi. How could he have been when none of these critical documents were ever made available?

Our Senators and Congressmen should have jumped all over Obama as soon as he signed his first executive order burying his past.  The only reason anyone would have done something like this is because the documents, if made available, would prove beyond a doubt that he was not (nor presently is) eligible to be in the Oval Office, not even as a custodian.

If Obama is able to either win or steal a second term, I am relatively certain that he will anoint himself as emperor for life, no different than any other country run by a dictator, since that is pretty much how he has ruled thanks to all of his executive orders.

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