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How I Survived Socialism/Communism, Part 2


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Earlier this week, my local Tea Party group (The Daisy Mountain Tea Party Patriots) had the privilege of listening to a panel of three people who had lived under separate totalitarian rule at some point in their lives. They discussed how they survived, as well as their appreciation of America and concerns for her safety today. The second speaker was Mr. Jose Borrasero from Cuba.

Unlike our first speaker, Mr. Borrasero was not born into communism; rather, communism came to Cuba when he was just 13 years old in the form of Fidel Castro. Although Castro vowed that he was not a marxist or communist, Jose later learned that “he was not who he pretended to be.” He actively recalls that when Castro took over in 1959, “people were dancing in the streets” (kind of like they were in America just four short years ago.) Nevertheless, Cuba’s new leader, in Jose’s opinion, “learned well from the Soviets.” Before Fidel, Cuba was led by a series of dictators, some of whom were nicer than others.

Under communism in Cuba, people were free to worship how they pleased. However, the health care, contrary to a certain “documentary” filmmaker’s 2007 film, was certainly “not the best quality.” Under the Cuban government’s health care monopoly, the state assumed complete control.  Private, non-governmental health facilities, where ailing citizens could buy treatment, were made illegal. Subsequently, average Cubans who were not politically connected suffered long waits at these government hospitals.

As soon as Castro assumed power, Jose’s family (his mother, father, and younger brother) immediately wanted to leave Cuba. He and his brother were able to legally exit the country two years later; however, they first had to arrange for a family in America to take them in. When the two moved to New Jersey into the arms of a loving family with other children, it was somewhat “traumatic” as they did not speak a word of English. At first, the only teacher they could communicate with at their new school was the sole Spanish language teacher. However, Jose and his brother worked hard, did well in school, and mastered English. Jose now has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics. Today, he is a conservative activist and part-time radio host, working to bring awareness to conservative legislation pending in the Arizona legislature.

Although Jose “would not equate” what he sees happening in America today to communism, he does see quite a few similarities. For instance, he sees a lot of propaganda disseminated via the liberal media and the Obama White House. He also sees an active effort by these parties to divide Americans by using class warfare as opposed to uniting them.

In concluding his talk, Jose took exception to the assumption by a lot of liberals that all Latinos will just vote for Obama. In his view, certain types of Latinos, such as Cuban-Americans, are much more likely to vote Republican because of their views on social issues as well as their steadfast opposition to communism and Fidel Castro’s regime in Cuba.

I am very thankful that Jose came to talk to our tea party. Out of the three guest speakers, he was the youngest (and of course had to deal with totalitarianism in his home country when he was just a teenager.) I personally have a lot of respect for him as a result; it seems that these days I am in the same boat as he was, being in my mid-20s and living under the Obama Regime.

Part 3 coming soon…

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