Obama And Eric Holder Have Subverted American Freedoms


We know that Eric Holder is a liar and a criminal facilitator based on what we have learned about his conduct in the Fast and Furious crimes.  We are now finding out Holder has been a Democrat “cleaner” and cover up artist for as far back as the Oklahoma City bombing and maybe Waco and Ruby Ridge as well. Holder is a despicable excuse for a human being and that is why Obama appointed him.

We should have recognized this lowlife’s traits when he not only refused to prosecute “his people” the armed Black Panthers who intimidated Whites attempting to vote, but hounded and harassed any of his deputies who attempted to bring them to justice.

This criminal posing as our Attorney General and his equally anti American boss in the White House have succeeded in turning the purpose of the Department of Justice (DoJ) 180 degrees away from its original mission.

What has been lost in history and smothered by the Democrat controlled media is that when the Republican controlled Congress established the DoJ in 1871 its specific purpose, as outlined by Republican President U.S. Grant, was to fight the Democrats in the Ku Klux Klan who were intimidating and murdering the recently freed African American former slaves living in the Southern States.

At that time we saw Grant, a White Republican President, appoint Amos Akerman a White Attorney General, and instruct him to use the power of the federal government against the Democrat Party’s KKK to enforce the 15th Amendment which gave freed slaves the right to vote.

Today we see Barack Obama, a Black Democrat President, who has appointed Eric Holder, a Black Attorney General allowing and encouraging him to refuse to prosecute club wielding Black Panther thugs who were filmed in the act of intimidating White people attempting to vote. Obama is standing by and watching Holder use the power of the federal government to deny White Americans the right to vote. That both he and Holder only have the right to vote themselves is because of the sacrifice of over 360,000 Union troops on the battlefields of the Civil War means nothing to this criminal duo.

Is it hard to believe what we are now finding out about Holder’s role in the Oklahoma City murder of 168 people?

Turning things upside down is, after all, the mark of the Great Deceiver.

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