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How Does Obama Get Re-Elected Again?


by Kevin “Coach” Collins

Barack Obama Phone SC

Remember how “cool” Barack Obama came across in that picture of him in a straw hat with a cigarette dangling from his lips? It charmed the 18-to-30 year-olds who were intent upon showing the rest of us how they were so much better than older generations because theywould vote for a black man to be our president?

Well, the children are waking up and realizing they were led over a cliff by the fraud in the straw hat, whose plan is to enslave them to the government.  Obama’s edge with the Clearasil crowd is melting and has dropped 10 points since 2008.

The White Vote

The essential component of any victorious presidential campaign is a strong showing among white voters. Regardless of the non-stop contrary propaganda from the media, America still has a white majority. Democrats have not won the white vote since 1964, but coming close a few times has given them some victories.

Obama did just well enough with whites (41 percent men, 46 percent women) to win given the strong support he got from blacks, Jews, and other groups who voted for him because he is black. This can be the only explanation for voting for a man nobody knew then and to this day nobody knows very much about. Today only 40 percent of Whites, who will cast 74 percent of the vote, support Obama.

In a generic measure, whites now favor Republicans by 13 points, as compared to an overall GOP edge of just 2 points in 2008.

Obama’s Lagging Fundraising

Another indicator of trouble for Obama is the money he is not pulling in. He is on track to raise just 80 percent of what he did in 2008 and only 60 percent of the $1 billion his media parrots are telling us he will have for his campaign next year. Moreover, these numbers are based on his fundraising being at least as effective in the next six quarters as he has been so far, something that doesn’t look likely.

Huge Poll Brings Huge Headaches for Obama

A recently complete O’Leary/Zogby poll of 10,000 likely votersdispels any doubts about Obama’s sagging re-election chances. This survey found just 28 percent of likely voters think Obama shares their point of view on issues they see as important.

Among Obama’s “must have” groups, O’Leary/Zogby found his support has fallen across the board.

Obama has lost 11 percent of all Democrats; 19 percent of blacks; 16 percent of Jews, and even six  percent of rank-and-file union members. Obama’s numbers are going in the wrong direction, and that spells trouble for the fraud in the straw hat.

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