How did Bradley Manning ever get control of 700,000 secret military files?


Contrary to what Ron Paul says, Bradley Manning is neither a hero nor a patriot. He is a traitor who has placed our fighting men and women in great danger. He is also deeply disaffected and confused homosexual who has serious misogynistic tendencies. He can’t stand women. The Army’s folder of reports about his conduct proves it.

A source quoted in who has attended his treason trial in Fort Meade Maryland, says Manning thinks of himself as a woman in a man’s body, and even created his own female persona he calls Breanna Manning. Moreover he is given to fits of hysteria and is prone to violence toward female supervisors. The official records include a description of Manning having punched his female supervisor in the face.

In spite of his flighty and unacceptable conduct the army’s poster boy for ending Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was put in charge of 700,000 sensitive and secret files pertaining to our military’s plans in Afghanistan and other theaters of war. How did this happen? Who looked at this maladjusted little twerp and said, “Oh boy THIS is guy America should trust her secrets to!”?

During the time Manning was in charge of America’s secrets, he sent up one red flag after another. Jihrleah Showman the female supervisor Manning punched recognized he was unstable and therefore untrustworthy early in their professional relationship. She has testified to specifically explaining what she was seeing in Manning’s irrational conduct to her superior Sgt. First Class Paul Adkins and Adkins’ seeming indifference to her concerns. Now Adkins has taken the 5th Amendment when questioned under oath about why he left Manning in place with his hands on our future.

These facts raise several questions about Adkins and the unit Manning was working in.

Why didn’t Adkins pass Showman’s assessment of Manning up the chain of command?

Where was the unit’s command structure while this was going on?

Where are the criminal charges that certainly should have followed for allowing this outrage?

Why wasn’t Adkins compelled to testify?

What was the personal relationship between SFC Adkins and PFC Manning?

Now that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone we can ask: Were Adkins and Manning lovers?


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