How biased is the NYT on Israel?


Photo Credit: kudumomo Creative Commons

1.  On Nov. 4, Israeli naval commandos boarded and inspected a cargo ship 100 miles off the Israeli coast.  On board, they discovered numerous containers consigned from an Iranian shipping line with hundreds of tons of weapons, including thousands of rockets, headed for Hezb’allah in Lebanon via Syria.  The ship was towed to the Israeli port of Ashdod where its military hardware was unloaded for all the world to see.  Here was concrete proof, if more were needed, not only of Iran’s hostile intentions against Israel, but of its ongoing massive shipments of weapons to terrorist proxies like Hezb’allah, committed to the same agenda as Iran — to eliminate the Jewish state.

The event merited some serious coverage by the New York Times.  Instead, the paper, in its Nov. 5 edition, buried the story in a measly two paragraphs in a World Briefing digest.  Even then, the Times wasn’t entirely satisfied that what happened actually happened.  So it qualified its report of the ship’s lethal cargo and its destination by telling readers that it was a vessel “that Israeli officials said was carrying rockets and ammunition bound for Hezb’allah.”  As if the Times, with a fully staffed Jerusalem bureau, couldn’t have sent its own reporters to Ashdod to see for themselves what the cargo consisted of and obtained information from the ship’s captain and crew about how it got on board their ship and where it was headed.

But once Times editors decided to limit to a minimum coverage of a story buttressing Israel’s security threats emanating from Iran’s aggression-by-proxy against the Jewish state, readers were bound to get shortchanged by a paper that ironically and falsely boasts that it publishes “All the News That’s Fit to Print.”

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Photo Credit: kudumomo (Creative Commons)


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