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How America Got To Its Current State


Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

Your huge, bloated government is out of control; and not enough people are willing to actually speak out against it or bring it under control. This is the result of over-regulation from many, many years ago (possibly starting with Wilson and the Progressive Era). We haven’t had many Presidents willing to actually try to reign it it (Coolidge for example), and the results are playing out in reality today.

How did it all happen? Progressives happened. They dreamed up their plan, got together, and decided to act. They took over political offices and have since carried out their agenda in regulating and controlling society. Woodrow Wilson came and basically had a goal to control most (if not all) aspects of society. From there, the Social Gospel was preached and implemented everywhere it touched. Over a few years, some came along and tried to undo the mess of the Social Gospel (for instance, actually having a balanced budget under Calvin Coolidge). But, as time told us, they weren’t done yet.

There once was a man. He, a Progressive, had a lust for something. That thing was control. His name? President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He came and continued the Progressive doctrine, adding more and more regulations, adding new government departments, and making sure nothing was left unchecked. He had help from many people, and Congress simply okayed most moves (they were controlled by the progressives as well).

There was just one problem, though; things weren’t getting better. His policies were failing, and the depression was growing. The people were noticing, and they were getting angry. They wanted answers, but then their concerns were shifted elsewhere. WWII came; and as most Progressives do, they seize onto a tragedy and use it for their agenda.

From there, the size of government kept growing. So did the national debt and the governments deficit. Presidents later tried trimming the deficit, and some did; but no one really has run a surplus. Presidents have come along and promised to cut spending and to lower regulations, but many were unsuccessful at some of those promises.

Today, it continues on, with more and more regulations added every day. The Obama administration passed Obamacare, and we were left wondering many things. Whose gonna implement and run this thing? Do we even have the money for this? Will I still be able to keep my old plan under this? In truth, Obamacare is one of the worst laws I’ve ever seen. Many plans will be invalidated, the IRS is in charge of this thing, and we still don’t have the money to pay for it ourselves. There is no passing the cost along. It’ll just be added to the $17 trillion debt we owe to people, banks, and other countries.

People believe that government is the answer to their problems. People believe that the government is there to help them at all times and to coddle them. It’s not. It’s supposed to be there to protect you from foreign threats and to protect the rule of law. Government has grown too big for it’s own good. Whether it be by overthrowing the old one, or massively reducing the current one, we must find a way to cut it down and allow the people to be more free. Freedom has no ”but” clause; but with government, there are millions (if not more).

Photo credit: Dan Jacobs (Creative Commons)

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