House GOP To Unveil Budget Blueprint


Eager to draw a contrast with President Barack Obama on taxes and spending, Republicans controlling the House are releasing on Tuesday an election-year budget plan that would impose sharp cuts on many programs in hopes of taming trillion dollar-plus deficits, but would still fail to reach balance over the coming decade.

Republicans are expected to again propose politically sensitive curbs on Medicare — though less dramatic than last year’s plan — and they’re already rewriting last year’s budget pact with Obama to cut domestic agency budgets.

The resulting political battle is sure to spill beyond the Capital Beltway into the presidential campaign and contests for control of the House and Senate this fall. As if to underscore that reality, House Budget Committee chairman Paul Ryan, R-Wis., released a campaign-style video Monday evening telling viewers that “Americans have a choice to make” in a none-too-subtle appeal to voters.

“It’s up to the people to demand from their government a better budget, a better plan, and a choice between two futures,” Ryan said. “The question is: Which future will we choose?”

Read more at Official Wire. By Andrew Taylor, AP.


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