Photo Credit: Medill DC (Creative Commons)

The U.S. House voted Thursday to debate Speaker John Boehner’s short-term plan to raise the debt ceiling by $900 billion while cutting spending by $912 billion.

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The House in a rules vote of 238-186 moved forward with 2 hours of debate on what House Majority Leader Eric Cantor called a “compromise bill” to be sent to the Senate later Thursday.

Before the rules vote, House Democrats rose to denounce what they called “the Republican Default Act.”

“The Republican Party’s deficit plan is very simple,” said Rep. Edward Markey, D-Mass. “One, prolong the default crisis. Two, push the nation to the very brink of economic collapse. Three, repeat it all again and again, until Election Day 2012.”

Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, R-Calif., urged members to support the plan, saying, “This is the plan that is before us. It is a plan that was worked on in good faith by Speaker Boehner and the Democratic leader of the United States Senate, Harry Reid. … I urge my colleagues to support the underlying legislation, which will allow us to have the debt ceiling increased and ensure that our nation does not go into default.”

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Photo Credit: Medill DC (Creative Commons)

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