Hospital layoffs planned ahead of ObamaCare implementation


Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke (Creative Commons)

The largest employer in the Cleveland, Ohio, area is about to get significantly smaller. In an announcement released Wednesday, Cleveland Clinic CEO Spokesperson Eileen Sheil said the hospital will offer early retirement to about 3,000 of its employees. She did not offer an estimated number of pink slips the facility will be handing out.

This move marks the hospital’s first major layoff in more than a decade, Sheil explained, placing much of the blame on the dreadful and largely unknown consequences of the soon-to-be-implemented ObamaCare law.

Layoffs will affect employees at all levels, she noted, explaining that staff members up to and including doctors might find their position on the chopping block.

According to a press release issued by the Cleveland Clinic, the hospital is “transforming the way care is delivered to patients” because of ObamaCare. Understandably, the facility tried to put its own spin on the bad news; however, the crux of this transformation is far fewer qualified personnel to care for patients.

In addition to layoffs and coerced retirement, the press release stated that administrators will engage in a “stricter review of filling vacant positions.”

By the end of next year, the hospital plans to reduce operating costs by $330 million.

Polling continues to show a rising trend of dissatisfaction with the healthcare reform law as Americans become more knowledgeable about its expensive and restrictive mandates. As more and more medical facilities follow the Cleveland Clinic’s lead — or close down completely — the dangerous precedents set forth in ObamaCare will move from the abstract to undeniable reality.

At that point, the backlash will certainly result in a cacophony of indignation. Unfortunately, as with previously failed government programs, it might just be too late.

Photo Credit: Mr. Ducke (Creative Commons)



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