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Patriotic Americans cannot passively sit around and watch our self-destruction at the hands of a bunch of narcissistic and naïve fools; and you shouldn’t want to. They may not acknowledge and appreciate the God-given blessing that is America, but good portions of us do.  And we deserve this gift uninhibited from the restricting and coercive forces that seek to stifle and erase the virtue of liberty in favor of collective servitude to the “enlightened intelligentsia.”

God gave us the gift of America for a reason; and we owe the signers, framers, and others who sacrificed and risked considerable amounts to create this nation and the potential this country offers those who’re willing to embrace it lawfully. We owe it to ourselves to do our part to seek its preservation for our progeny and those willing to take on the responsibility of its perpetuation. Lastly, we owe it to the world to continue this fight because imperfect as our country may be, she has been a reservoir of goodness in many forms- including sacrificed lives- to innumerable beneficiaries across the globe who would otherwise not have enjoyed food, safety, education, and protection.  And we’ve done this knowing the debt would never be repaid. America has also sacrificed and fought the forces of evil that would no doubt proliferate in our absence, already evidenced by our self-imposed international withdrawal under Obama.

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Much of this calamity is the result of the party that doesn’t respect freedom as much as it reveres government growth and coercion.  This has been aided by a party that demonstrates more interest in intraparty feuds with those who eschew the establishment, while showing a considerable lack of testicular fortitude, an atrophied spine, or the strength and courage to confront and limit the status quo of leftism.

For many, the cultural and political fight to redeem the country isn’t over; for many, the fight hasn’t begun.  Whether you’re ready to continue the fight or ready to join is up to you. You’re part of the decline or part of our redemption. It’s your choice.

May God continue to bless America, and may God continue to bless the world through America.

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