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Honors class subjected to radical Islamic propaganda



A public school in Tennessee is rightfully under fire after an honors class received a reprehensibly one-sided lesson on religion.

During the three-week study, the group of Hendersonville High School freshmen went on a field trip to a nearby Islamic mosque and left with copies of the Koran. At no point were the students offered a similar trip to either a Jewish or Christian place of worship.

The outing also consisted of a reading from the Koran, according to one parent, and followed a trip to a Hindu temple during which the class studied meditation.

Naturally, the course elicited outrage from some of the parents of students involved, including one father who said the school claimed that a lack of funding prohibited trips to other sites.

While students were afforded the option to stay at school during the visit, reports indicate the alternate assignment was equally abhorrent.

Mike Conner said his daughter chose not to take the trip and was forced to draft a comparative essay describing Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism. The resources associated with the assignment were hopelessly biased in favor of the Islamic faith, he noted, explaining his daughter was presented with five times more material about Muhammed’s teachings than those of Jesus Christ.

Conner contends that the school is trying to make students “tolerant of everything except Christianity,” and additional worksheets included in the assignment seem to bolster his assertion.

One portion of the assignment, dealing with the purported “tolerance” of Islam, states that Muhammad “was prepared to live in peace” with other religions, “especially Judaism and Christianity.”

Furthermore, the worksheet stated that Islamic conquerors “did not impose their religion” in other lands and even treated religious minorities better than Americans treat minorities in this country.

Conner explained that his daughter received a failing grade for the day, choosing to write a critique of the assignment rather than a religious comparison based on insufficient and misleading information. He explained that a subsequent meeting with administrators at the school was “very confrontational,” noting his daughter’s grade was not changed and she was not afforded the opportunity to complete an alternate assignment.

“They told us we were being hostile towards Islam,” he said. In fact, the only hostility shown was by the school toward those who dare to expect a balanced curriculum.

The school district issued a statement explaining they would no longer facilitate field trips to places of worship, though this decision does not address the root of the issue. In public schools, a glaring double standard exists in the treatment of various religions. While textbooks and teachers routinely play up the occasional sins committed by Christians throughout history, they turn a blind eye toward the consistent and continuing embrace of violence and intimidation displayed by Islam.

In the sanitized world created in the minds of extreme leftists, the only group deserving of derision is populated by those with a faith in the Holy Bible. While it is certainly the right of these misguided souls to adhere to such a shortsighted worldview, it is absolutely unacceptable for these principles to be disseminated within the walls of public school.



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