Hollywood left continues shilling for Obama


There seems to be a never-ending stream of vapid Hollywood stars willing to trade on their celebrity in order to raise a few more dollars for Obama’s troubled re-election campaign.

Outspokenly gay big-screen and Broadway actor Nathan Lane might be a natural pick to host a fundraiser, given Obama’s public endorsement of gay marriage. He’s among the latest celebrities to plan such an event, set for next month with live music by James Taylor and an appearance by the gaffe-machine himself, Joe Biden. With tickets going for as much as $10,000, it won’t take many rich liberals to raise some serious mudslinging money.

It’s funny that the wealthy are demonized and denigrated by the left for supporting conservative causes but it goes without saying that it’s the civic duty of rich leftists will give thousands, if not millions, to support the Communist–er, I mean, progressive cause.

Lane is far from the only leftist shill trying to sell Obama’s failed policies to an politically uninformed public who “catches up on the news” by watching Entertainment Tonight and reading Us Weekly. It took $40,000 per person to get into a fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s house. An event coordinated in part by George Clooney set off the ensuing celebrity fundraising streak, raising a reported $15 million dollars for Obama’s war chest.

I guess it’s to be expected from a group of individuals completely isolated from those in the real world with real, American, and yes, conservative viewpoints. These are people who make millions of dollars by pretending to be someone else, though the media still treats their views as important and researched. They live in a make-believe world, ridiculing successful conservatives who actually earned their fortune while not seeing the incredible stroke of luck that propelled them into the despicable 1 percent.

Some of Obama’s Hollywood supporters see the unprecedented level of fundraising among celebrities as a liability, saying voters might start to see the president as an out-of-touch elitist. We might start to see him as out-of-touch? I’ve never seen him as anything but.

Even stars who haven’t made the plunge into hosing a full-fledged fundraiser do not hold their tongue when speaking out against those on the evil right in defense of their beloved Barack.

Conservative opposition to Obama’s anti-American agenda constitutes an “extremist movement” to Eva Longoria, calling such views “very dangerous.” Ellen Barkin took the vitriol to a more profane level in a series of Twitter rants which I choose not to quote.

When a company’s leaders choose to express a view by embracing conservative values, liberals celebrities label them intolerant and divisive, even endorsing government action in prevent a private business’ expansion. The Hollywood left is apparently unable to look its collective self in the mirror and see the glaring hypocrite staring back.

With so many liberals calling for boycotts against conservative-owned companies, I think its about time we hold a few of these hateful, vindictive stars accountable for their constant barrage of conservative-bashing ignorance.

B. Christopher Agee founded The Informed Conservative in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @bcagee.

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