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Holder Upholds Voter Fraud


Photo Credit: USDAgov Creative Commons

On Monday, the U.S. Department of Justice, operating under antiquated “preclearance” provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, blocked Texas’s recently passed Voter ID law, claiming that the law was targeting Hispanics and aimed at suppressing minority voter turnout in the state.

The DOJ recently made a similar ruling in South Carolina, ostensibly to protect black voters there.

These decisions are purely political, as Texas Senator John Cornyn, former Texas Attorney General and member of the Texas Supreme Court, put it: “Today’s decision reeks of politics and appears to be an effort by the Department of Justice to carry water for the President’s reelection campaign.”

Eric Holder and his DOJ henchmen are explicitly racist, which is to say anti-white, as convincingly demonstrated by former DOJ attorney J. Christian Adams in his must-read book, Injustice. It is an agency run by people who have said that they only intend to enforce voting law if the victim of a violation of the law is not white. For example, Adams quotes his “assigned mentor,” Avner Shapiro, who opposed bringing a case against Ike Brown, a notorious black Democrat election fraudster in Mississippi: “I didn’t come to work in the Civil Rights Division at the Department of Justice to sue black people.”

Regarding Monday’s DOJ decision, Adams told this reporter that “It is the latest radical decision by Eric Holder to please racial interest groups like the NAACP before the election. The objection is based on flimsy legal reasoning that exaggerates the statistical disparities and misrepresents the law regarding voter fraud. Jenniffer Maranzano, a former Advancement Project lawyer was deliberately assigned to the case to get this outcome.”

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