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What about this claim of poverty on the part of Shrillary and her broke buddies? Actually, they might be telling the truth. Perhaps we should have a bit more compassion for these folks because in today’s marketplace, they really are poor. In fact, anyone who wants to can be considered “poor”. Poverty is no longer an objective categorization based on measurable data; it is an identity, and the Identity Politics of the Left is inescapable these days. Leftism has become exclusively tribalist in its ideological identification. Meaning and identity are not intrinsic, but are found in association with other members of a tribe. Man doesn’t necessarily mean “man” anymore. It means whatever each group decides that it means, from male member of the human species to transgendered female who identifies as male in public. As such, “poor” doesn’t have to mean one who suffers from poverty; it can also mean one who is unable to afford what one wants or feels entitled to own.

As the great Thomas Sowell once wrote:

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Poverty used to mean hunger and inadequate clothing to protect you against the elements, as well as long hours of grinding labor to try to make ends meet. But today, most of the people living below the official poverty line not only have enough food; they are actually slightly more likely than others to be overweight. Ordinary clothing is so plentiful that young hoodlums fight over designer clothes or fancy sneakers. As for work, there is less of that in lower income houses today than among the affluent.

It boggles the mind. There is less work and more calories in poor households than in rich ones today. Taking into account the amount of work Biden does and the exponentially-increasing size of Hillary’s pantsuits, they just might qualify for the poverty designation after all.

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