Hillary Clinton: U.S. Government Is Losing the Information (Read: Propaganda) War


Secretary of State Clinton is very upset with the Internet. She has been upset ever since Matt Drudge blew Newsweek‘s cover-up of her husband’s dalliance with “that woman, Miss Lewinsky” 14 years ago. I mean there was so much fuss, what with his impeachment and all.

She complained about a “vast right-wing conspiracy” She has now upped the ante. She has gone before Congress to complain. The government must spend far more on propaganda. Can you blame her? I mean, $750 million a year is chump change.

The message is clear: the public, inside the USA and outside, is now getting information from unofficial sources that are not controlled by the American Establishment. It’s getting worse, meaning better, week by week. The Establishment bet the farm on its control of the three TV networks and the major newspapers. Now the public gets more of its news from the Internet. The Establishment does not know what to do.

Here is Clinton’s testimony.


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