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The latest target of the hacker known as “Guccifer” was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal. Guccifer has targeted former President Bush and Colin Powell, and now we are led to believe he is targeting Democrats.

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In the last few months, Americans have seen that current and former government officials made frequent use of non-government email sites to conduct business outside of official channels. Though these email accounts are used to hide communications from Congress and the American people, they are principally used to hide correspondence from Freedom of Information Act scrutiny. Hillary was most likely communicating with Blumenthal in this way to create “talking points” to mislead the American public about the September 11 murders of the American Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.

Guccifer allegedly hacked into Blumenthal’s AOL email account last week. The hacked emails that were published on appear to be analyst summaries, opinions based on facts but which should nevertheless not be taken as gospel. They do however give the idea that the planned Benghazi attack was triggered by a YouTube video. The actual sources of this conclusion are unknown but were most likely from human source interviews, though they could be the opinions of the original author. Though the emails were sanitized versions of the original summaries, Hillary should have known better than to send even sanitized confidential reports by way of a public email account.  Either Hillary or Sid were extremely sloppy, or they intended this correspondence to become public. If she decides to run in 2016, she can use these hacked emails to deflect public criticism of her actions regarding Benghazi. Of course, she could also claim they were fraudulent.

The bottom line is that these emails might have been deliberately fed to Guccifer in order to “verify” Hillary’s lie that the attacks at Benghazi were launched in response to a little-known YouTube video. In this case, Guccifer is either a party hack or a tool. Hillary will undoubtedly refer to these leaked e-mails to silence her critics concerning the Benghazi murders. Don’t look for the Holder Justice department to do anything. There is no concrete proof that these emails are valid.

Photo credit: Dave Merrick

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