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Hey Joe, Why did you Lie?


I watched the debate between Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan, and I was a little taken aback by Biden’s attitude. Brit Hume of Fox News described Biden’s actions as “rude’, and I must say that I have to agree with that assessment. Biden resorted to the same old scare tactics that progressives fall back on when they don’t have the facts to back them up. I will use my wife and I for examples because we are both disabled and on Social Security Disability. We just got notice that our premiums are going up next year. Our total “our of pocket” expenses are going up $1500 from this year to 2013.  Co-pays are also going up on different aspects of our health care. Didn’t Obama say that his beloved Obamacare was going to take the cost of health care DOWN, not up? I’ll bet that if every senior on Medicare will check the new figures for their Medicare for next year, they too will find that costs have increased  Biden must have forgot to mention that fact last night.

Ryan brought up the fact that Obama and Biden have taken $716 BILLION out of Medicare to put into Obamacare. Biden said that that $716 BILLION was merely “over-payments” to hospitals, doctors, nursing homes, and the like. What he forgot to mention is the number of medical professionals, hospitals, and nursing facilities that will no longer accept Medicare patients because of the reimbursement rates being so far below fair market rates now. Biden also forgot to mention the number of medical professionals who are getting out of private practice, retiring, or choosing to not even go into health care because of the looming economic disaster after Obamacare goes into full effect in 2014.  Biden tried to say that middle class families would be hit hard by the Romney/Ryan Medicare reform plan. But the middle class is about to get hit with 12 NEW taxes that are currently incorporated in the Obamacare legislation that the DEMOCRATS passed! Biden and Obama LIED when they said they would not raise taxes on the middle class!  A lie is a lie no matter who tells it! I repeat something for those of you who are my age (60) or over: Biden and Obama have taken the first steps to dismantle Medicare as we all know it and are going to be putting your health decisions into the hands of a 15-member board that will be determining the kind of health care that you get REGARDLESS of what your doctor may tell you you need. Biden and Obama are accusing Romney/Ryan of wanting to do what they themselves are ALREADY doing! Romney/Ryan have a plan to REFORM Medicare, NOT destroy it! Obama and Biden have a plan to TAKE OVER health care; it is called Obamacare, and it is in writing  (all 2700 glorious pages of it) for all to care to read.

The government’s Cost Of Living Raises (COLA) that they give to seniors in their Medicare and Social Security is nothing but a joke. Inflation is currently pegged at 2.6%. It is that low because the government REMOVES the costs of energy (gas, natural gas, fuel oil, and coal) PLUS the cost of food from their inflation index BEFORE coming up with their inflation rate. Imagine, the government removes the two most volatile costs to average Americans (the everyday items that take the most out of your fixed income) and treat them as if they don’t exist. Therefore, your COLA simply offsets the increase (almost) of your Medicare premiums (not your co-pays) to keep you treading water while government employees enjoy hefty COLA raises that we pay through our taxes. Joe lied: the middle class continues to get screwed; and a lot of seniors, the disabled, and the chronically ill among us suffer. Americans of all economic levels continue to suffer because you and Obama lie, Joe!

Biden’s strong area is supposed to be in foreign affairs; but last night, he had one heck of a hard time trying to explain Obama’s Libyan affair. Biden tried to blame our intelligence services for the failure to detect trouble brewing in Libya; yet American diplomats had asked for beefed-up security and were TURNED DOWN by the Obama administration. You lied, Joe! Why didn’t the anniversary of 9/11 prompt the Obama/Biden administration to heighten the security alert around the world? The spokespeople for the Obama/Biden administration kept blaming an obscure video for the violence in the Middle East when they knew full well that the attack in Libya was an act of terrorism. Biden lied again!

In spite of all evidence to the contrary, Biden lauded Obama’s foreign policy, which has culminated in the death of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans. Do you really feel safer, America, with the Obama/Biden team in control? Biden kept talking over Ryan when he was trying to answer serious questions that Biden either couldn’t or wouldn’t answer. Biden never answered the question of why his boss won’t put any budget or their proposals in writing. He and Obama and their zombies will mock and criticize or get downright mean about the Romney/Ryan plans but refuse to offer anything of their own, except vague  statements. We already heard Obama’s empty promises, and we have seen the results of the administration’s action; so why would anyone want more of the same? A good politician such as Joe Biden can leave you feeling good without having said ANYTHING of substance. Biden had a lot of great rhetoric but absolutely NO SOLUTIONS to some very serious problems. Talking with no answers is just that, talking. something Barack Obama and Joe Biden are really good at doing.  Joe Biden was snarky and rude last night. He acted like a disrespectful bully. Amazingly enough, our people are getting killed from the border with Mexico to Benghazi, Libya, and all Biden can do is act like a total MORON. God helps us in this election.

One more thing. It is kind of frightening when the Vice-President of the United States laughs while the subject of Iran and its race to acquire nuclear weapons comes up in discussion. The death of an ambassador and three other Americans isn’t anything to smile about, nor is the fact that your administration lied and is continuing to lie to all Americans about the events that transpired in Libya!  I hope America believes that we deserve leadership and a whole lot better representation of America then Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Adieu.

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