Despite the lack of evidence for his alleged sexual harassment, Herman Cain has bowed out of the Republican presidential race. What does he plan to do now? He could coming to your living room every week. The Washington Examiner reports:

In any case, the campaign, officially suspended, is over. “[Suspend] means end — there are no plans to reemerge,” Cain added. It “gets hurtful when your wife and your family have to continue to see the same false accusations spun over and over.”

Cain’s ambitions on the national stage are not over, however. “The doors to radio or TV, those doors are open,” Cain said. “I’m considering all of these options because I want to create the biggest platform for me to be talking about the trifecta: replacing the tax code with 9-9-9; energy independence; and national security, because this administration has weakened our military, and that’s not good for this country.”

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Hmmm, a musically inclined, Born Again Christian who set the Republican race on fire with the force of her likeable personality gets his own TV show? Nah, it’d never work.


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