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Herman Cain Calls “Bullsh-t” on Obama’s Class Warfare Rhetoric


Yahoo News has an interesting story today, noting among other things that Herman Cain — who scored a major upset victory in the Florida straw poll over the weekend — twice thought of quitting the presidential race. “I’ve only had two days where I personally felt, should I pull the plug?” Cain admitted.

Unlike that McCain fellow, Herman engaged in some real straight talk with the reporter when the subject of Obama’s recent “jobs bill”/Son of Stimulus bill came up:

After a few caffeine-heavy refills at our corner table, I asked him about President Obama’s new effort to raise taxes on the wealthy, and Cain just about blew a blood vessel–especially when I mentioned the part where Obama says it’s about “math” not “class warfare.”

“Can I be blunt? That’s a lie,” Cain said, before the sound of his voice began to rise noticeably higher. “You’re not supposed to call the president a liar. Well if you’re not supposed to call the president a liar, he shouldn’t tell a lie. If it’s not class warfare, it’s highway robbery. He wants us to believe it’s not class warfare, oh okay, it’s not class warfare. Pick my pockets, because that’s what he’s doing!”

Cain paused, took a breath and looked at me.

“I’m not mad at you, I just get passionate about this stuff,” he said. “I have to tell people because I get so worked up . . . . I’m listening to all this bullshit that he’s talking about, ‘fairness’ and ‘balanced approach’ to get this economy going.”

I cannot endorse his language, but he shows definite passion and a pronounced ability to see through Obama’s poses to their costly results.


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