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“It’s just words. No one believes in America anymore. The Russians will finally bury you.”

As I was about to go through security at the airport in Kiev upon leaving the country, I noticed a Ukrainian man listening to a video recording of one of Obama’s European speeches.  I walked up to him and asked him why he was watching the video and what his reaction was.  He said to me very solemnly, “It’s just words.  No one believes in America anymore.  The Russians will finally bury you.”

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But I couldn’t help asking myself, Then why was he watching the video?  Perhaps he held one last hope that the cavalry would ride in to help them, to give them hope?  Maybe he held one last daydream that what America preached for two hundred years was really true, that good does triumph over evil?

Then as I turned to walk away, the man’s words struck me like  a knife in the heart, “What I really wonder is what has become of an America that would vote this man into office twice.”

I didn’t know what to say at that point because he was right.

As the world’s totalitarian powers rise up and flex their muscles in the absence of American global leadership, more and more of the world’s people will long for the return of a nation that could be counted on to stand up to aggression.

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It remains to be seen if America is just going through a phase or is gone forever.  However, one thing is for sure today; the world misses America.

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