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There are many other references that plainly prohibit homosexual practice and address all manner of sexual sin.

Notice that this admonition in First Corinthians does not single out homosexuality, but mentions a range of sinful behaviors.  Either we abide God’s intended purpose for things, or we live outside his will–eventually, forever.

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God says ‘no’ because certain things are destructive, and science bears this out. The homosexual lifestyle is especially destructive, as the research shows:

  • Shortened lifespans
  • Terrible, often fatal diseases, including the range of STDs, various cancers, and HIV
  • Higher rates of suicide compared to the rest of the population
  • Higher rates of multiple partners, broken relationships, and promiscuity
  • Higher incidence of emotional and psychological difficulties
  • Higher rates of domestic violence

Obviously, it is not an act of love to encourage people to embrace, promote, and participate in this ‘lifestyle’ choice–for it is a choice.  There is no science supporting the contention that people are ‘just born that way.’

How tragic seeing the PCUSA turn its back on God, the Scripture, and the law of love to submit to the wisdom of man–a deception engineered by our ancient enemy. People are being led away to slaughter, and church leaders applaud.

It gets worse.

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Recently at its national meeting, the leaders of the PCUSA also decided that Israel is the villain in the Middle East, that Israel abuses the Palestinians, and that Israel should be condemned.  Church leaders reject the peacemakers and support the aggressors!

These same leaders also voted down a measure that took a pro-life stance, a measure that condemned the killing of babies who survive abortion.  They actually voted against a policy that called for the protection of babies who survive abortion. In so doing, they affirmed abortion and the killing of babies who survive!

So, the PCUSA has decided to promote sexual sin, condemn God’s chosen people, and support or ignore the murder of babies, all in direct contradiction to the teachings of the Master it claims to worship.

This is modern wisdom.  This is corruption to the core.  These are the doctrines of demons.  And these are deserving of the wrath to come.

The PCUSA has become a mortuary, attended only by dead people.

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